From Trevor Goodeve


My impressions of the TRUE FLEECE garments after 10 days away hunting in some of the harshest environments New Zealand’s high country can deliver.


(1) How silky smooth it feels when you first pick it up.

(2) Snuggly to wear with a cushioning feel against my skin.

(3) Warm insulating layer to beat out the winter cold and wind.

(4) Soaked up the perspiration exerted from climbing mountains over 10 days.

(5) The lack of smell (body odour) usually associated with a skin layer after all this time.

(6) Rip and tear resistant when scrub bashing from the valley floor through to the alpine levels.

With this latest technology in wool, I now consider TRUE FLEECE to be the best most comfortable, up to date product I have used in all my 45 years of wilderness adventures.